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Irish music
The Kid on the Mountain

Live concert, recorded in 1996, with songs both in Irish and in English language, and quick dance tunes. The recording has appeared as audio cassette and as CD, as well.

Ágnes Hegyi: flute, whistles
Sándor Oláh: guitar
Gáborján Kovács: vocals, whistles, flute, bodhrán
Kata Ásmány: flute, whistles
Csaba Hordós: guitar, accordion
Péter Muraközi: percussions


  1. The Kid on the Mountain
  2. Estersnowe
  3. Kerry Polka + Ballydesmond 1-2.
  4. The Lord of the Dance
  5. Doctor John Stafford or O'Carolan's Receips
  6. The Jar of Porter
  7. Deirdre's Fancy + Hare in the Heather
  8. When a Man's in Love
  9. Bí Liom Bí
  10. Obair + Hot Asphalt + Obair
  11. Dúlamán
  12. The Flower of Magherally
  13. The Old Concertina Reel + Drowsy Maggie
  14. Eleanor Plunkett
  15. The Lonesome Boatman